Christmas Food And Tradition

Christmas- the festival of joy

As everyone in the world knows it, Christmas is a festival celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ who is a symbol of spirituality and divinity. Jesus came into the world to transform the lives of people, and taught them a new way of living that involves simplicity and love for human kind. The festival is also a symbol of unity, love and joy and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and mirth. Christmas celebrations include celebrating the festival with friends and family, lighting the houses and places, decorating the Christmas tree and most importantly having a good food.

Food makes Christmas more special

Food is thus another reason that makes this festival so special. Christmas brings with it a variety of tasty dishes that makes this festival even merrier. What can be more pleasing and delightful than having a good food with the family and loved ones? People will always find a table full with tasty food more tempting than opening gifts and presents on this day. Christmas food is thus a main part of the celebration.

Christmas cakes make the festival complete

Christmas cake is a tradition that initially began with the plum porridge. Later many new changes were made and now a days we can see that the plum porridge became a very tasty and yummy cake. Cakes are an important part of the Christmas food as the celebration is totally incomplete without a cake in it. People prepare cakes of different types and tastes and add so many special things to create new flavours. They either prepare them at homes or bring them from the shops and bakeries. The bakeries in this season also start their preparations for baking cakes and bringing out different types and varieties of them and attracting the taste buds of as many people as they can. There is a long order queue in the shops for placing orders.Christmas cakes are generally the new experiments with the fruitcakes and can be light, dark, spongy, moist, dry, heavy, leavened, unleavened, with a frosting, glazing, a dusting of confectioner’s sugar or plain.

Variety and diversity in dishes

After the cake, there are puddings, plum cakes, muffins, cookies in the sweets list. The main course has a long list of items too. Breads are the main servings with every meal. Different types of meats and fruits are also used in the preparation of tasty Christmas food.