Who said you only need a heavy tool for high-end jobs?

Sanding could take time plus a decent quantity of effort. While you have lots of sending jobs coming up in an order or you’re functioning on a big woodwork project, a lightweight tool dominant sufficient to get the work done will be an actual lifesaver. And if you pursue functional flexibility and solidity, there is barely anything that could beat Ridgid R2601. Recognized for their desire for inventions in the arena of technologies, the builder always offers a great combo of a well-balanced user-friendly design and stunning performance. This is exactly whatever the Ridgid R2601 random orbit sander is all around. The tool claims a lightweight ergonomic design plus comes loaded with practical functions plus handy features increasing its applicability plus improving its performance. Ridgid R2601 is a top rated sander


  • Wight height and power

The sander weighs single 1.3 kg which creates it faultlessly for thelong-lastingprocess, minimizing hand plus arm fatigue. Also, it is compacted enough to get into those hard-to-reach parts and places. However, do not let the lesser size fool you. A potent 300W motor conveys the speed up to 12000 OPM appropriate for fast plus smooth sanding, however, a variable speed control allowsperfect finish. Once you choose the speed, the motor wouldconfirm constant power through the entire period of work. All of this would let you use the Ridgid R2601 orbital sander for the whole range of sanding actions, from old coating elimination to fine finishing.

  • In terms of design, this model is a very suitable tool.

It features an ergonomically formed housing with a palm grip handle for a faultless balance during use plus anon-slip surface for optimum handling. The dust assemblage system confirms high suction over the base plate plus immediately eliminates the dust leaving the surface neat plus tidy. A dirtbag features a broader opening for rapid and easy dirt disposal. A closure on a sanding disc permits for suitable sandpaper change.This is a top rated sander

  • Lightweight

Lightweight yet potent, the Ridgid R2601 sander would be a praiseworthy addition to the device arsenal of any handyman as well as theprofessionalwoodworker.

One more advantage of this model is its remarkably efficient dirt collection system. Like other apparatuses of its class, the Ridgid R2601 is trim with an inbuilt dust removal element that gathers dust as well as feeds it into a dirt container. Unlike dirt bags, dust vessel has an entrenched micro filtration scheme developed by Ridgid that rapidly captures and securely grips dust and fine chips discharging no single element into the air. As an outcome, you’ll have a clean work place plus clean air round your functioning area.