New Career Paths for Basketball Players

Do you like to watch basketball? Maybe you have the NBA League Pass because you never want to miss a match of your favourite basketball club. You can read honest reviews of NBA League Pass here. Your favourite basketball players such as Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Russel Westbrook, Kyrie Irving and Paul George will, for as long as they can, provide you with a match to remember. But it is a fact that sooner or later, their career is over because they can’t keep up with the young ones anymore. They devoted their lives to their and your favourite sport but sooner or later, they will have to step aside. And then what? Fortunately, there are some options for retired football players.

Sports Brands

After a basketball career is over, there is still a place for the big basketball stars in the sports business. Many football players, tennis players and other sportsmen have already established their own brand. Two well-known examples are Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan sports shoes and the brand Dunk Man. So it’s not unlikely for a basketball player to develop a new brand of sports clothing. The assortment can be limited to just a brand of shoes, but there might also be the possibility to also introduce a whole sports brand full of basketball clothing. Think of basketball shirts, sports shorts, sports socks etc. Training pants, sweaters and sports jackets can also be produced for the warming up or cooling down. Some players even create their own basketballs and hoops.


If a basketball player wants to stay closer to the sport itself, there might be a chance of becoming a basketball coach. As a basketball player, a basketball star already has lots of experience with basketball. The question is: can all of that knowledge be transferred to new players? Not every player is a good basketball coach because being a coach also requires knowing what each separate member of the team needs to perform. A coach needs an even better idea of tactics and strategies that individual players that often have one or a few tasks within the team.

Board MemberBasketball Players

There might be various positions in the board open for retired basketball players. Chairman is probably a bit too high, especially at first. They’ll probably start as some kind of advisor and work their way up. But if they turn out to be talented businessmen, a basketball player has a whole new career in the board of the basketball club that he played for in previous years. Basketball players have a lot of experience in the field. They know what things are like for players and understand what a club needs to be successful, at least for the club’s players, coaches and audience. These experience can also be of benefit to the people who have to make decisions about the club, stadium and finances.

So there might be various career paths open to players that cannot compete in the basketball league anymore.